I Lost Me

I lost me on my way somehow

Without ever knowing when.

It started out easy enough

Without even knowing it began.

Bit by bit and piece by piece

I watched me wander away.

Until suddenly, yet gradually

Me seemed gone to stay.


I became we, and lost the me

That I worked so hard to create.

Until there I was without a me

Left with something that seemed a mistake.


So  I asked the we that took my me

To help me find the way.

But we agreed that me didn’t fit

With the way that we should be.


Now I’ve decided I need my me

Back where it belongs.

I’ll step back and take a look

And before too long I’m sure,

That we will go, will slip away

And in it’s place will be

The me that wandered gradually

Will return to be with me.


SS – 08




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