I have had “Truths My Sisters Told” published for one week as of today. I am brand new to blogging, don’t have a CLUE how to organize my pages (as you may have well come to notice lol) and am most definitely technically challenged.

For all of the above reasons I must give a great big shout out to the 31 followers I have to date. Thank you all for supporting me on this next step in my journey to mental health.

I am currently working on tomorrow’s post. It’s about something I feel extremely passionate about … ENDING THE STIGMA surrounding mental illness! However, I promise that I will return to those stairs I started to climb …

In the meantime, check out my newest page “Follow The Butterflies”. I will be adding a little “quickie” each day and we can follow those butterflies together. Until I learn how to organize my pages, you can find it if you search under “inspiration”.

Again, thanks so much for reading  🙂



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